Pie 57: The Rangers ‘Macaroni’ Pie

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Bursting with Meat......
A Macaroni Filled Pastry

Hello pie lovers and welcome back to Meat Filled Pastries and it’s continual quest to champion football’s only snack of choice the humble pie. Let’s address the elephant in the room straight away. I already know what you’re thinking, ‘How does he have the audacity to call this splendifirous journey of pie Meat Filled Pastries when it’s clear to see that this is a pasta packed pastry presented before me?’. Well firstly, I would ask you to take the bass out of your voice and secondly make you aware of the badgering I have been subject due to the fact I hadn’t reviewed a Macaroni Pie. So here it is, a macaroni pie, if you’re still a bit miffed I hope the small bit of upcoming pie-related word play in this further explanation will help ease your confusion.

‘Meat Filled Pastries’ is a celebration of pie, specifically pie at sporting venues across this fair land of ours. In the main these pies will be filled with meat in a variety of different concoctions that have been brought to the fore on these pages. Some of the most talked about reviews wherever I go are when pies wander from their conventional scotch format and start throwing such ingredients as steak, beans, haggis or potato at you. It’s these curveballs of content that nicely leads into the final point of this introduction. How can we, as connoisseurs of pie, really know which pie is right for us when we don’t give them all a bash; or to put it in pun form ‘Diversi-pie’. To ‘diversi-pie’ is to truly become one with the ethos of Meat Filled Pastries.

So without much further ado, and as requested by the proprietor of your one stop shop for all things cake whether they be popped, cupped or celebratory, let’s rate some pie!

Where: Rangers v Albion Rovers, Scottish Cup Quarter Final

Price: £2.35. 15p cheaper than the previously reviewed steak offering but 15p more expensive than the also reviewed scotch effort from Ibrox. Already this pie is causing me problems on review. Is this a luxury pie? It’s price, greater than a scotch, would suggest yes but can we truly call a Macaroni Pie one of luxury on Meat Filled Pastries? At present I’m undecided so let’s move on.

Presentation: Medium sized white napkin with a snug fitting tin foil case surrounding the pastry. I actually successfully turned this pie upside down without anything falling out but more on that in a bit.

Meatiness: Erm, right…there was no meat in this pie. How am I meant to review it’s meatiness when there is no meat within? Time for some tenuous linkage. Now as we know meat in its purest form comes from animals, in the case of a scotch pie it will come from mutton. Mutton is a form of lamb. Lamb’s are most often located on farms, as are cows. Cows, another provider of delicious meaty sustenance, regularly need milked. Milk when separated is turned into two parts; curds and whey. Curds are acidified and drained resulting in the very beginnings of cheese. These are then pressed and matured to turn into the cheese that we recognise in shops, burgers and this macaroni pie that I am trying to review before you. Therefore as cheese is derived from milk which is taken from a cow which we butcher for meat then this is indeed a meat filled pastry, huzzah!

Anyway, onto the actual tasting and after a week that was very heavy on the pie consumption it was actually a nice change of pace to bite down on something that wasn’t bursting with gravy. It was very much how I had expected, a compression of macaroni in a pastry case. The pasta was cooked well and there was enough of a cheesy hit coming from it to add another layer of flavour. My only complaint was that after a couple of bites it felt rather dry and going against the usual rules I applied a splodge of tomato ketchup for moisture and as such helping the last few bites slide down easily. Was it better than a bona fide meat filled pastry? That really depends on the pie you’re comparing it against. Against a standout steak or scotch then not a chance but against a bog standard offering I would say at least this offers something different.

Pastry: The pastry was of a more complex structure than your average scotch or steak pie. Although the side and base casing weere still standard in nature there was no top. Instead a layer of cheese that had almost burnt created an extra punch of cheesy flavour which did wonders for the overall effect of the pie. On the down side though, due to the fat content within the cheese there was a little bit of tearing when taking the pie out of its tin foil case due to it melting through. However as a man who likes his cheese this was something I merrily picked away at after consumption.

Overall: It’s never going to replace a meat filled pastry but if you are ever wanting a change of taste with your Bovril then this is well worthy of your time and appreciation. It was a little dry inside but I loved the cheesy top and I could defiantly see potential in this to become something truly special with a little more of the cheesy gravy inside and the potential to add ingredients such as ham or chilli. All in all a bit of an eye opener really.

Gravy Factor: Not your usual meaty gravy here but its cheesy cousin Monsieur Béchamel. Worth a try and the type of gravy I am happy to bracket as luxury due to its unusual nature.

Well that was a bit different and it would be a fair assumption to make on your part that this won’t be the last Macaroni Pie you will see. That said the next two offering’s come from East Ayrshire and Auchinleck Talbot, will their pies be as good as their performances on the pitch? We’ll have to wait and see.

Until next time, go forth and eat pie!

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Pie 40: The Largs Thistle Pie

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'Do you want a flake in yer pie!'
‘Do you want a flake in yer pie!’

‘Christmas Pie, Christmas Pie,

Meat Filled all the way.

Oh what fun it is to have the gravy on my face.’

‘Christmas Pie, Christmas Pie,

Pastry golden brown.

Oh the taste of a brown sauce squirt is by far the best around.’

I was going to apologise for going all festive on you but in reality I’m really chuffed with that. Hello my fellow pie connoisseurs and welcome to another entry into the best football based pie site around. As Christmas comes closer shops across the country are stocking those most festive of treats, mince pie’s, and I am not excited in the slightest. But you’re the Pieman, Mr. Pie, Sir Meat Filled of The Pastry Roundtable, yes these are all true but I have never been partial to a mince pie or the candied peel nature of Christmas desserts. However, this year in the spirit of this here misadventure I am pleased to announce that I now think mince pies are….alright. I still think they have the distinct aftertaste of ear wax but I can munch my way through one in a social surrounding without looking ungrateful at what has been put before me.

Anyway back to the proper stuff and the journey of Meat Filled Pastries’ rolls on to Largs, home of ice cream and Vikings (apparently).

So without much further ado, let’s rate some pie!

Where: Barrfields Park, Largs Thistle v Pollok, West Superleague Premier Division

Price: £1. Amongst the cheapest pies that we have come across on our journey so far.

Presentation: Today’s presentation will be presented in the form of a riddle. It is not as black as night, and neither generous or stingy. I’m not going to give you the answer if you have read enough of these by now you know what I’m getting at.

Meatiness: Unless my taste buds were deceiving me this was not your standard mutton pie. It was a tad disconcerting at first, and to fully get my taste buds around it I required another couple of bites but the filling inside was strong in it’s taste of lamb. There was no taste of pepper in this pie which I think only helped to heighten my initial confusion. After my taste investigations I would say this was a really well seasoned lamb mince pie as opposed to a standard mutton scotch pie. Now with this confusion firmly put to one side I could focus on the other elements for consideration. It was well filled if not a tad uneven, the meat inside had a nice bite that held well but for some reason I felt a slight film of grease forming each time I moved the pastry away. On appearances this was by no means a greasy pie but I wonder if the lack of pepper I usually find in the scotch variety was causing confusion in my pallet. It was certainly tasty but definitely not what I was expecting.

Pastry: This was a crisp golden pastry with a lovely buttery flavour, however it was so crisp that it caused me to roll my tongue around my teeth to check for chips when biting down. In fact, the crucial ‘one bite expose’ you see above had to be doctored a bit as on first bite all I was provided with was a shard of pastry. The pastry though was definitely one of the better efforts I have come across but be warned that your first bite should be taken with caution in mind.

Overall: Disconcertion’s aside this was a tasty pie and as it came in at only a quid it was certainly worth the money paid. The pastry was a little too crisp, it would have been better without the faint hint of grease that accompanied every bite and or my taste an extra peppery kick would have been nice. However there was a good splodge of brown sauce available to provide that flavour boost. Everything tasted good but could have been made even better.

Gravy Factor: Made not with gravy granules, but one of those fancy stock pots. A different take on your standard gravy.

Another pie down, another 10 minutes on the treadmill added to the routine. The plan is to visit next one of the most recognisable names in junior football Auchinleck Talbot but that involves some serious negotiations when I get back into work that I reckon will be doomed to failure. I think we can all agree that Saturday afternoon’s should be spent with pie in hand, scarf round the neck, watching 22 men kick about a synthetic leather sphere especially when you run a site based on the consumption of these meat filled beauts.

However until next time, whenever will that be, go forth and eat pie!

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