Pie 172: The Linlithgow Rose Steak & Haggis Pie

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Hello and welcome back to Meat Filled Pastries for the first of a double review from Prestonfield, home of Linlithgow Rose, as Tranent took on Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic in the final of the Kings Cup. A competition, that until the big junior uprising of Summer 2018, neither side had ever competed in.

As I previously mentioned these last batch of reviews from the season just done are coming out a little later than usual and that is partly due to some work on my original pet project, Leading the Line, with a view to re-launching the site with some more regular content as opposed to just dumping it on here, where really, pies should always be the princes of the page. On the revamped site there will be history and opinion focusing on Scottish, Spanish and women’s football mixed in with interviews and the odd novelty item, because quite frankly, if you’ve been reading Meat Filled Pastries for this long then novelties should really be expected.

For an inexplicably long time I have resisted the fact that being involved in football in some capacity is where I need to be and whilst I figure out exactly what it looks like going back to my writing roots seems as good a place to start as any. In my most recent piece I’ve taken a look at the news that Real Madrid are set to finally join the women’s football ranks and I’m also in the middle of a series looking at perceptions of the Scottish Women’s National Team before, during and after this summer’s Women’s World Cup.

I have a long list of ideas and concepts to work through so please subscribe to keep up to date with all the latest non-pie patter from your favourite pie rater. For now though let’s get back to business. So without much further ado, let’s rate some pie!

Where: Prestonfield, Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic v Tranent, Kings Cup Final


Price: It goes without saying that marriage of steak and haggis will result in a heightened price point but at just £2 this is still a very reasonably priced pastry.

Presentation: A medium sized white napkin. Nothing more, nothing less required.


Meatiness: I’ve had a few “Haggis and…” pies in my time and usually the mix is the same with the haggis put through the rest of the filling to give the occasional pop of spiced offaly goodness. This pie was different though in a couple of ways. Firstly, much like the Annan Athletic Steak Pie, the steak in this pastry was slow cooked and pull apart as opposed to the chunks that are often found in a steak filled offering. Secondly, the haggis wasn’t mixed through but instead presented in a separate and distinct layer in the base. The steaky strands were dense and meaty whilst the decision to keep the two fillings apart ensured that each bite had the hum of haggis (that sounds grim but honestly was pretty nice). Add to this the generosity of the filling and we were on our way to a very decent pie indeed.

Pastry: The pastry was a little rough in it’s constructions but it’s hard not to salute a little bit of crimping on your match day treat especially when accompanied with a couple of chevrons cut into the lid. The pastry tasted pretty good and was both substantial enough to hold the filling whilst being forgiving to the bite, an important feature when the there is potential for spillage.


Brown Sauce: No brown sauce here. A luxury pie with lots of tasty component parts should stand on its own two feet.

Overall: Generously filled with all the tastes of steak and haggis present as advertised.

Gravy Factor: Less gravy boat but more a flavour double decker.

Strong start from the Rosey Posey but, in somewhat of a spoiler, I may have possibly left the season’s best to last. As well as looking at our final pie of the 2018/19 season I will also share my culinary experiences from my trip to France for the Women’s World Cup. Sausage in a crepe, anyone?

However until next then, go forth and eat pie!

Chris Marshall, is a BJTC accredited Radio Journalist with an honours degree in Communications & Mass Media from Glasgow Caledonian University. Editor of Leading the Line, A member of the Scottish Women’s Football Media Team and a contributor to various football websites and publications he also currently acts as Heart & Hand Podcast’s resident Iberian football expert, hosting “The Isco Inferno” a weekly take on all things Spanish football. A perennial ‘Scottish Sporting Optimist’ and part-time Madrileno with a passion for food and football that has manifest itself in the wonder that is Meat Filled Pastries.

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    […] Much like the Steak & Haggis Pie from the same venue this pie came presented on a single medium-sized white […]

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