Pie 169: The Annan Athletic Pie

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Hello my meat filled muckers and welcome to the first of two reviews from Annan Athletic as I found myself taking the relatively easy 80 minute drive from Glasgow to Galabank for the home side’s SPFL League One play off first round leg tie against Stenhousemuir. I think the play-offs have been a great addition to the SPFL calendar and whilst Annan were ultimately unsuccessful in their promotion push despite their two-legged victory over Stenny an opportunity to bring in bumper crowds for some all or nothing football with the heightened coverage it brings is something that I hope continues to grow. It’s not perfect but it’s definitely entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining the Scottish Football season as a whole has been a pretty good one, yes a fairly average Celtic have coasted the league again but once you look by that you’ve seen a Rangers re-emergence, Kilmarnock claiming third, compliance officer shenanigans, Tartan Army travesties and of course Shelley Kerr and the girls qualifying for this summer’s Women’s World Cup with seven of her squad currently plying their trade in the Scottish Women’s Premier League. That’s a lot to take in, and so instead of me doing it here can I point you towards the How’s Your Touch? Kickstarter Project which will be providing a holistic look at all things Scottish football, including my end of season pie awards. This fully illustrated annual can be yours for just £10 so why not get involved by clicking here.

As I say my take on this season’s pies will feature, so without much further ado let’s see if this first effort from the Galabankies will turn out to be a contender. Let’s rate some pie!

Where: Annan Athletic 2-0 Stenhousemuir, Galabank, SPFL League One Play Off Semi Final

Price: Priced at £1.60 this is a fairly priced pastry in a Scottish League Two context, slightly more than your average junior pie but still a perfectly affordably treat when compared with prices further up the pyramid.

Presentation: A super large single white napkin. Plenty of layers to mop up any spillages from in and around your oral cavity.


Meatiness: This was an interesting pie to eat. The texture was pretty good with the meat loose enough to give way as much as your bite dictated it should do. The first few bites though seemed pretty short on flavour. I knew what I was eating but it wasn’t until about halfway through that the those familiar scotch pie tastes became prominent. The end note was quite a fiery pepper kick, just on the right side of tasty. Decent but perhaps a little unbalanced.

Pastry: This pastry glistened in the early evening sun, adorned with a thin layer of gleaming fat that for some is a worry whilst for others a joy. The pastry did the job though, stayed in tact and was crisp all the way round with a good seal on the top and a little steam hole for a dash of artistic flair.

Brown Sauce: There was not just one type of brown sauce to chose from here but two. I plumped for a blob of Daddies which did the necessary in adding notes of sweetness and spice to the overall bite.


Overall: A handy little pastry although the absence of flavour in the first few bites was a bit of a downer.

Gravy Factor: A pie of two halves.

That’s the first of two reviews from Annan Athletic in the books, with the second review of their steak pie following shortly, however until next time go forth and eat pie!

Chris Marshall, is a BJTC accredited Radio Journalist with an honours degree in Communications & Mass Media from Glasgow Caledonian University. Editor of Leading the Line, A member of the SWPL Media Team and a contributor to various football websites and publications he also currently acts as Heart & Hand Podcast’s resident Iberian football expert, hosting “The Isco Inferno” a weekly take on all things Spanish football. A perennial ‘Scottish Sporting Optimist’ and part-time Madrileno with a passion for food and football that has manifest itself in the wonder that is Meat Filled Pastries.

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