Pie 165: The Clydebank (c/o Maryhill FC) Breakfast Pie

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Hello pie fans I hope you enjoyed my saunter south of the border last time out as I took in the bright lights of Carlisle as the League Two promotion race in England heads towards it’s climax but it’s back to usual business this week with a return to the Scottish Juniors as Clydebank hosted Pollok at their temporary home of Lochburn Park in Maryhill.

One of the things that I have been focusing on since becoming more involved in women’s football is new and, let’s be honest, cost effective ways in which the game can be promoted. Lower leagues clubs across the country have to find ways to maximise their skills and resources in helping to attract new eyes to their club every day and so I thought I’d share just a few examples of that. St. Anthony’s, for example, have formed an alliance with clubs who have the initials S.A.F.C. in the make up of their name, this even involved their committee going down to the Stadium of Light after being welcomed down by Sunderland. Pollok are still (three years later) reaping the benefits of Tam Hanlon’s greatest hat trick ever scored which you can view here, a feat that garnered an appearance on Soccer AM and global attention. BSC Glasgow are one of a few clubs who now have an official eSports partner in the shape of @MozzaPlays who also went to the lengths of modding up the Lowland League for everyone’s favourite strategy game, Football Manager.

Clydebank themselves recently got in on the act with an excellently produced video celebrating Nicky Little becoming their club’s record goalscorer. Titled “Route 66” and shot exclusively on an iPhone it shows what can be done with a bit of time, care and willingness to learn. I encourage you to have a look at it here.

For my part, pies have become my default way to big up the beautiful game and over the next month or so I have some deadlines to meet to help share the story of pie even further. However for now, and without much further ado, let’s rate the first ever Breakfast Pie to enter the hallowed halls of Meat Filled Pastries!

Where: Clydebank 1-2 Pollok, Lochburn Park, West Region Premiership


Price: I wasn’t expecting to have a new pie review to get my teeth into when I turned up at Lochburn Park however as the words, “What kind would you like?”, left the woman working the counter’s mouth an excited realisation spread across my face. Presented with the option of scotch, steak or breakfast there was really only going to be one winner and so I parted with £2, towards the top end of the non-league pie price scale, and went to find a spot in the shade so I could eat what was essentially my second breakfast of the day.

Presentation: This pie came wrapped in a double layer of large white napkins concealing the pastry at first sight, ample to help dab your mouth and lips as you made your way through what would turn out to be a pretty mammoth mouthful.


Meatiness: The debate around what goes into a full breakfast – English, Scottish, Irish or otherwise – is a long and at times fairly tedious one. Some people froth at the concept of the inclusion of beans whilst to have a fry up without any bread and butter is seen as heresy by others. This pie though had enough of the commonly agreed upon component parts to keep everyone happy.

At the bottom there was a thick, maybe slightly too thick, slice of black pudding with that unmistakable texture and spicy kick. Above that was a layer of well textured and flavourful square sausage which of course had been made round to fit it inside the case. Above that again and to one side of the pastry was a slice of bacon as smoky and salty as bacon should be. Still going up you are then greeted by an egg, unfortunately no yolk porn here, as it would be near impossible to bake a pastry with an egg inside and keep the yolk runny before being topped with a few beans which had dried out a little in the oven but added that bean taste your mouth would recognise. Overall it made for a pretty tasty and exciting bite and if I could make any suggestions to improve the filling then I would pare back the black pudding a little and add a more generous spoonful of beans to add a little more moisture.


Pastry: Let’s call it how it is, the pastry was a bit of a hot mess. I suspect partly driven by the desire to cram as many breakfast items as possible into its pastry walls and partly driven by some rough handling during transportation. Despite its ramshackle appearance it actually held surprisingly well adding the crispness required to help break up what was quite a rich filling.

Brown Sauce: It’s a luxury pie so there was no brown sauce added here but in retrospect I kind of wish I had given it a dollop, that spicy tang the sauce brings would have been a perfect partner for this pastry.

Overall: Generously filled with surprisingly sturdy construction despite appearances. I’d maybe alter the ratios of the filling slightly but as match day treats go I’m very much into it.

Gravy Factor: Gravy to get out of bed for.

A new pie style makes it’s way on to the pages of Meat Filled Pastries and there will be another new style next time out as I headed over the Irish Sea to see Bohemians take on Waterford in what the marketeers behind the League of Ireland are calling #TheGreatestLeagueInTheWorld. But does their Chilli Beef & Chorizo Pie really hit the mark, we’ll have to wait and see.

Until next time though, go forth and eat pie!

Glasgow Caledonian University. A member of the SWPL Media Team and a contributor to various football websites and publications he also currently acts as Heart & Hand Podcast’s resident Iberian football expert, hosting “The Isco Inferno” a weekly take on all things Spanish football. A perennial ‘Scottish Sporting Optimist’ and part-time Madrileno with a passion for food and football that has manifest itself in the wonder that is Meat Filled Pastries.







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