Pie 90: The St. Andrews United ‘Steak’ Pie

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If this was cricket they would be talking about how nervous I should be getting as I head towards the magical ton but Meat Filled Pastries is just not cricket, it is a celebratory smorgasbord of all things pastry and this journey rolls on. So what’s been happening…

Well it’s #BritishPieWeek so I have been setting about spreading the good word of pie, starting with a piece on the return of Pollok’s Pie Hut, something this fan is particularly relieved about, it just feels a bit wrong to go to a match and not have a pie of some kind on offer. If there was ever a week for you to have a pie, this is it!

Also on a personal level, myself and a group of friends recently hosted a charity night for the Kick Bowel Cancer’s Backside Fund for our friend Stewart ‘Smit’ Smith who passed away aged 28. I’ve spoken about him a few times in the blog so I’ll restrain myself from eulogizing further but I thought I’d let you know we raised a fantastic £2400 and I just want to take the chance on the most far-reaching of my communicative forums to say a big thank you to everyone who came along and those who donated. I’ll be sure to keep you up to date with our progress. In a month where not one, but two young footballers have died well before their time it is always important for this pie guy to remember that life is for living as you’ll never know when it could be taken away.

So without further ado, let’s rate some pie.


Where: Recreation Park, St Andrews United 0-4 Pollok, Scottish Junior Cup 5th Round

Price: You know it amazes me but even after 18 months of doing this, I forget what order I do these things in. I always have to re-visit the previous blog to get it right. Now you may be asking where the scotch pie offering is from the home of golf, well when getting the pie round in (I’m the pie guy, that’s what I do) I was greeted with 1 steak pie and 4 scotch. So in the interest of fairness and to save myself a bit of a quandary I took it upon myself to have the steak pie. Priced at £1.60 this was a relative bargain in the world of luxury pies.

Presentation: Presented on a large white napkin but without the tin foil cases usually found adorning a steak pie.


Wonder if they have one of these bad boys stoating round The Old Course
Wonder if they have one of these bad boys stoating round The Old Course

Meatiness: This was a savoury delight, quite salty but not in a bad way as it compensated for the lack of any real heat usually provided by a pepper-based kick. There was a good variety of chunks some big that required biting all the way through and some smaller that would pop straight into your mouth before bursting with its meaty goodness and yes, as I finish writing this sentence I realise that description is ripe for innuendo! The gravy was the right level of unctuous, thick enough to hold within the pie as it awaited its next bite but thin enough so that it did not feel floury or gloopy. This was a smashing example of a luxury meat filling.

Pastry: The pastry was golden perfection as I’m sure the picture above will testify too, a palette of golds and brown, like a puff pastry sunset setting over a sea of lovely, lovely gravy. It was crisp and the soft layers underneath melded beautifully with the filling within. Despite this pie being somewhat wetter in nature due to its steak based content the base and sides remained in tact throughout although they did sag just a little.

Overall: Great Filling. Great Pastry. Great Pie.

Gravy Factor: Not so much gravy but more a heavenly jus.

Well it’s safe to say St. Andrews United should be pleased with their efforts next time I’m there the scotch pie will be under the piecroscope. As it stands next time out is still a bit of a mystery but I assure you wherever it may be a pie will be consumed.

Until next time, go forth and eat pie!

Chris Marshall, is a BJTC accredited Radio Journalist with an honours degree in Communications & Mass Media from Glasgow Caledonian University. He has contributed to prominent football sites including Pie & Bovril, The Terrace Podcast, The Football Pink and The FBA’s as well as featuring in The Scotsman, STV and a number of other media outlets. A perennial ‘Scottish Sporting Optimist’ with a passion for food that has manifest itself in the wonder that is Meat Filled Pastries.

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