Pie 81: The Dundee Violet Pie

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Hello and welcome. Not much of a pre-amble today, an Albion Rovers home double header has me working on this right to the wire after some technical issues with the laptop. That said the Christmas period is upon us and so in true festive spirit I thought I’d share a wee pie themed ditty from last year to celebrate this tide of yule:

‘Christmas Pie, Christmas Pie,

Meat Filled all the way.

Oh what fun it is to have the gravy on my face.’

‘Christmas Pie, Christmas Pie,

Pastry golden brown.

Oh the taste of a brown sauce squirt is by far the best around.’

You’re welcome. I’m still far prouder of that than a grown man should be, but as I’m sure you have already figured out my mind doesn’t always conform to normal sociable standards.

Anyway without much further ado, let’s rate some pie.


Where: Glenesk Park, Dundee Violet v Pollok, Scottish Junior Cup 3rd Round

Not my finest camera work here
Not my finest camera work here

Price: At £1.10 it was slightly more than some junior pies I have encountered this season but equally it was slightly less than some others and when compared with some of the prices found at SPFL grounds it’s still a bit of a bargain really.

Presentation: I don’t know how old you all are but when I was a nipper and had to use the facilities at school you were always forced to dry your hands on paper towels that would be better used to sand down that desk tidy you’d cobbled together in Craft & Daft. It was with this pie these paper towels resurfaced in Dundee as it sat proudly atop of one in a rather snazzy teal colour. It’s sometimes nice to be different but the harsh realities of scrubbing my face with these napkins of yore were not something to look forward to.


In fact, is this teal or blue> I'm now not sure?
In fact, is this teal or blue> I’m now not sure?

Meatiness: As can be seen by the greasy shadow on my paper towel there was a fair bit of fatty moisture in this pie. In fact being truthful on first appearances it wasn’t really a looker but that doesn’t mean it can’ be tasty and thankfully this wasn’t too bad. It was greasy but just about managed to be not overly so. It had quite a shallow fill of muttony goodness and I felt it was a tad under seasoned although there was still a prominent taste of meat. There was no peppery kick but all in all the filling tasted far better than it looked. Solid if unspectacular.

Pastry: The pastry was quite soft, perhaps a consequence of what looked like a significant amount of boil out causing some greasy puddles on top of the pie. The top edges were crisp and if memory serves me right the grease actually boosted some flavour back into the pastry. Once again it didn’t look great but there was enough flavour to keep a hungry man happy.

Brown Sauce: Suitably tangy with a touch of heat courtesy of The Happy Shopper.

Overall: A bit of a horror to look at but was a perfectly acceptable inductee to The Meat Filled Pastries Hall of Fame.

Gravy Factor: The kind of gravy you sniff a few times before going, ‘ah it’ll be alright’.

Once again apologies for a slightly truncated edition this time out, there will be a fuller pre-amble in my next review, and a return of the luxury pie again from Dundee Violet.

So until next time, go forth and eat pie!

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