Pie 55: The Queen of the South Pie

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A pie with no hands
A pie with no hands.


It’s the last day of British Pie Week so obviously the best thing to do would be to squeeze in one more review before the midnight hour strikes. The original plan was to give you a review from Arthurlie from the junior ranks but as anticipated weather put paid to that and as such I bring you my latest review from Dumfries in the form of Pie 55: The Queen of the South Pie. As I have mentioned before by eating a lot of pie, I see a lot of football and as such I thought it beneficial to have some kind of secondary purpose in this never ending journey of pie. That purpose is to visit every senior ground in Scottish football and was part of the reason as to why I found myself in Dumfries and not far closer to home. It is a goal that I am very close to completing and with the help of this site those long journeys that I used to shy away from are now far more palatable. That said this will never turn into a blow-by-blow account of my travels but I will be sure to let you know when my journey is complete.

For now let’s get the focus back on the meat filled wonders that have brought you here and without much further ado, let’s rate some pie!

Where: Palmerston Park, Queen of the South v Hamilton Academical, SPFL Championship

Price: £1.50, once again priced at an equal level to those other scotch pies found at SPFL clubs out with the Premieriship. In my eyes this standardisation of price means that it is even more important for each club to find a pie that stands out from the rest of the crowd. Will this one manage to do so?

Presentation: A picnic blanket sized white napkin, almost too large as ridiculous as that sounds. On a windy day  I often found it wrapped around my pie and smothering brown sauce all over my hands at a time which wasn’t the most convenient for me. That said, thanks to its size, there was still ample tissue to dab my mouth corners with after consumption.

Meatiness: This was a nice pie, nicely textured meat, nicely flavoured with a hint of a pepper that did linger a little after the final bite was taken but that was about it. It was just kind of there, a perfectly acceptable meaty morsel that filled the breakfast shaped hole within but once again that was about it. If truth be told it was actually a little cold with the kind of temperature that would have wee Betty behind the counter in Greggs dubbing it as having a little heat in it and then following up with the question. ‘Are you sure you don’t want to wait five minutes for a warmer one?’ It was nice but a little bland and I would be doing an injustice to some of the other pastries on this journey if I was to smother it with praise.

Pastry: The pastry had a little bit more to it. It was lovely and crisp around the top edges and soft underneath although the top could have been fired for an extra couple of minutes for my taste as it looked a little anaemic. This combination of textures however meant that each bite was easy on the mouth with no risk of catching a jagged edge. There was a hint of butter in the pastry which is something often lost in the humble casing and as such boosted the overall flavour of the pie with a touch of added richness. The pastry certainly helped enhance the meat inside.

Overall: This pie was nice but not particularly memorable and also a little cold. A healthy squirt of some super tangy brown sauce was needed to really get a zing of flavour in the mouth. It did the job but you won’t find me beating a path down to Palmerston for yet another helping.

Gravy Factor: Bog Standard Bisto.

After the highs of Ayr United it was a bit of bump back to earth with this offering. With all the ‘wild’ cattle signs I passed on the roads down I maybe should have expected that my pie life would have been better if there was a steak offering but alas none were on show. This however does not stop my thirst for pie and a new review of the luxury variety will be on its way to you from Ibrox Stadium, home of Rangers, at the start of next week, most likely Tuesday.

Until next time, go forth and eat pie!

My latest non pie piece ’Pretty in Pink’ is found not only on Leading The Line but also at www.footballbloggingawards.co.uk looking at some of the pinkest kits you’re eyes ever did see and the stories behind them. I also encourage you to look out for my piece ‘Defining World Class’ on the same site, you’ll have to scroll down a bit but it’s definitely worth a read.

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