Pie 50: The Penicuik Athletic Pie

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Half a Century of Pie, Jings!
Half a Century of Pie, Wowzers!

50 Pies. Half a century of this meat filled madness and I’m loving every minute of it. I hope you are too, and what better way to celebrate my fiftieth meaty masterpiece than by writing a review about it in all its delectability. It’s the third pie of the week and a return to junior football, where this journey started. Lower league football is where the true diversity in pies comes from, unlike stadia such as Ibrox, Hampden and Celtic Park the pie proprietors at these ground tend to use local butchers and suppliers creating their own unique taste sensations. My promise to you is as we continue to set our sights on 100 handfuls of pastry perfection is to find even more pies from as many nooks and crannies of Scottish football as I can.

So without much further ado, let’s add another chapter to this Pynasty, and rate some pie!

Where: Penicuik Park, Penicuik Athletic v Pollok, Scottish Junior Cup Fourth Round Replay

Price: £1.20, proving that from west coast to east in junior football £1.20 is the price for your pie to be.

Presentation: It’s baaaaaack! Almost knowing that this was the fiftieth pie, the little black dress of the pie world, the medium-sized white napkin struts its gravy catching stuff once again. A timeless look for these meat and pastry beauties.

Meatiness: This was a pie with many a layer of flavour. On first bite it tasted like a pretty bog standard scotch pie, the meat well packed with room for the meat to breath and with a texture that was forgiving to the bite whilst letting the odd morsel fly solo on the edge of your lip. A few more bites and a sweet oniony taste appeared, which was strong enough for me too pull my head back and inspect the innards of this particular pie searching for a translucent fleck of chopped onion. There was none but the taste was most definitely there. A few more bites and the pie was done leaving a long peppery finish. I mean this pie was still playing table tennis with my taste buds long after I had guzzled my post pie can of Irn Bru,

I think I can honestly say that this pie took me on the kind of journey that would see The Hairy Bikers try to stretch a 10 part TV series out of it. My only grumble was that it could have been warmer but given the particularly chilly conditions of the day I’m willing to let that slide on this occasion.

Pastry:  As I write this review I’m struggling to remember exactly what this pastry tasted of suggesting that it was nothing spectacular. What I do remember though is its appearance with the lid sealed all the way to the top as opposed to leaving a small lip that most scotch pies have. It was also flakier than usual, so much so that when I finally got home a couple of hours later and untied my scarf there were still crumbs of pastry scattered across my top. Functional pastry with a twist on the traditional pastry casing.

Overall: A pie that seemed to get better the more I remembered about it. It’s ever-changing flavour profile being a particular highlight with its shortcrust/puff pastry hybrid casing adding a dimension that makes it stand on its own.

Gravy Factor: Nostalgic Gravy. The kind of gravy that the longer you leave since you had it the better it seems to taste.

Well I did it. When the week started I thought I would struggle to get three reviews done before my next footballing adventure. 50 is a great achievement and I have surprised myself with the dedication I have shown to the pie cause, here’s to 50 more.

The next stop might be meaty but is it going to be all about the pie?

Until next time, go forth and eat pie!

My latest piece ‘The Descendants of Djemba Djemba’ can be found not only on Leading The Line but also at http://terracepodcast.net/  looking at some of the African players who have left an impression on Scottish football, both good and bad, once again it’s not about pies but I promise you it’s thoroughly decent.

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