Pie 44: The Kilbirnie Ladeside Pie

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Hello 2014! Let's Keep Eating Pie!
Hello 2014! Let’s Keep Eating Pie!

Welcome to Meat Filled Pastries, and the first review of 2014. While people are making resolutions about eating salads spritzed with some low-fat dressing that taste like a fairy’s fart your friendly football following pie man has but one resolution: Eat More Pie! I want to continue to smother these meat filled bad boys in brown sauce and tell you lovely folk all about them. I want to find more luxury, discover the unusual and if I’m lucky see some rather good games of football along the way.

So with that said, there is no time to be wasted. Let’s rate some pie!

Where: Valefield Park, Kilbirnie Ladeside v Pollok, West Superleague Premier Division

Price: £1.20. With enough change left over to buy a Bovril from the £2 coin in my pocket this pie fell bang in the middle of the price range associated with junior level pies.

Presentation: A small white napkin, sufficient to grasp the pie securely and leave a small corner to dab away the rather healthy splurge of brown sauce that I had chosen to place upon this pie.

Meatiness: A mutton pie that was filled sufficiently to give the right balance of meat to pastry. The meat inside was flavoured very well and although it did not have the peppery kick my palate usually would crave it was more than compensated by the lovely savoury flavour that filled my mouth. In terms of texture the meat inside was near perfect. Falling apart just enough to allow a generous bite without fear of a meaty waterfall cascading down your arm and a puddle of meaty disappointment forming on the terracing below. I had missed my lunch and this pie certainly was helping to fill that hole.

Pastry: Although the pastry may look a  little underdone in the picture I can confirm that it was baked sufficiently to support the meat inside whilst allowing a bite free of any jagged edges. The top was a little loose which resulted in a small blob of brown sauce ending up on my nose at one point but that aside the pastry was a success in providing the necessary support for the meat within without being devoid of taste itself.

Overall: Without having that spicy kick I normally rave about it would be understandable to expect me to say this pie was no better than average, however that was not the case. It was well seasoned and had a lovely bite with a meat and pastry combination amongst some of the best I’ve had. My only negative was that unfortunately when I went to get a second just before half-time they had run out, and to run out before half-time is over is simply unforgivable.

Gravy Factor: The kind of gravy I wish I could have had more of at the time. Many a chef will always advise to ‘leave them wanting more’ but when it comes to a pie at a football game I don’t want to have to go without, even if it is seconds.

Another pie down and if you have read this far down then I know you are keen and like the words I write so I will give you my bonus resolution and let you do with it what you will, it simply reads: Get a Free Pie.

Remember  you can visit www.footballbloggingawards.co.uk where I talk football in a non pie based manner, my latest entries look at the rules surrounding football celebrations and a look at how we as fans can help deal with homophobia in the game we all love. My next tale of pie will be at as a yet to be determined location as the weather is playing havoc with my sporting adventures at the moment but as soon as I know I’ll get it put on Twitter.

However as always, until next time, go forth and eat pie!

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